Le Tour Eiffel, Paris. 2012


Le Tour Eiffel, Paris. 2012

Because sometimes you really just need a cliché photo of the Eiffel Tower to make you happy. The first day that I was in Paris, I do what I always do: I take an orientation walk around the city and make mental notes of what I would like to see and what I would like to add to my itinerary. The good thing about Paris is that no matter where you are, the Eiffel Tower is always there so no matter where you are, as long as you can find it, you can never get lost. This day, I had lunch at the Tuileries and walked towards the Champs Élysées, just a little stroll; nothing more. I walked around the round a bout, [not in traffic, bien sur!] and saw the top of the tower and…well, there we go. I decided to take the back roads, stopped for a pastry, stopped to people watch, stopped for a beverage, etc. and there it was. It was like a cartoon, the trees pulled away, the sun was shining, and the birds were singing. It was perfect.


The Wheel of Manchester, Manchester UK. 10 April 2014.

Capture d’écran 2014-04-14 à 13.15.08

The Wheel of Manchester, Manchester UK. 10 April 2014.

I am not at liberty to fully discuss the importance or significance of this photo, but this was taken a few days ago on a rather…enlightening trip to Manchester. While the 10th itself was unbearably stressful, the results of that day made it all worth while. [this was taken from my instagram. sorry, not sorry.]

N’oublies pas que je t’aime…

Somewhere in Munich, Germany. 2004.

Picture 134

I have no idea what this building is, though, i’m fairly certain that it’s the hostel that I stayed in in Munich. if anyone has any clue as to what, exactly, this building is (or was) i would appreciate any information. This was taken by my old camera. Sometimes the prints come out beautifully; sometimes the prints come out looking like they were taken with a potato, and then there’s this. i would like to think that it falls somewhere in the former category, though, if i didn’t know any better, i would think that it was taken on 35mm and printed from there. it isn’t the best composed picture, and it certainly isn’t the most interesting picture, but there’s something about this that i really like. maybe it’s the colouring or maybe it’s the overall ambience. Maybe it’s the memories that i don’t realise that i’ve buried. i’m not sure.

[no colour correction, only minimal white balance and contrast adjustments.]

An Alley Off the Ramblas [Possibly L’Hospitalet]. Barcelona, Spain.


An Alley Off the Ramblas [Possibly L’Hospitalet]. Barcelona, Spain.

I love graffiti. I love travel. I love Barcelona. There were a few nights in Barcelona where I had no idea what I was doing. Those were the nights when I would walk around, sit on a bench in Plaça Catalunya and think. One of these nights, I was having a particularly bad time of it, questioning what I was supposed to do with the rest of my life, the meaning of life, why I was doing what I was doing, and whether or not ‘running away to Europe’ for a month and a half to get my head on straight was really the right course of action. I never answered any of those questions because I was distracted by people watching. Some interesting characters come out at night…I know that I thought some things and passed silent judgement about people I had never met. Homeless people, tramps, prostitutes, lost tourists, people coming off second shift, people coming in for third shift…i’ve never met these people and I will never see them again, but I was guilty of judging them. It gave me a lot to genuinely think about while I was walking back to my hostel. Then I saw the graffiti. My català was weak and very rusty, so I was pleased to see a little bit of English, ironically, the only bit of English….

“I am not defined by your ignorance.”


I hear you universe…loud and clear.

Sometimes the lessons that you need to learn are the ones that are right in front of your face.

My Fluffy :)


This is my puppy…Angel aka My Fluffy. She has been keeping me company during my recuperation from major knee surgery. She’s a Border Collie – Chow mix, and I love her to death.

Taken with my Blackberry Z10, which I love infinitely more than my iPhone 4s.

L’Opéra Garnier. Paris, France.


L’Opéra Garnier. Paris, France.

Sometimes the best takes are the outtakes. This is an outtake from lunchtime at the opéra. I was looking to take a straight up shot of the columns with a centred balcony [judging by this, i’ve clearly failed, hence the outtake]. Every time I tried to line up the shot, the little man on the balcony would stick his head over the edge and make a funny face when he thought I wasn’t looking. This time, i was able to catch him thinking about…whatever lovely French men think about on their smoke breaks.