L’Opéra Garnier. Paris, France.


Bonjour, Monsieur from my previous post! I caught you!

oh. wait. I’m supposed to have a deep and eloquent title for my non specific works. oh dear. no. wait. EUREKA!

French Man on Balcony Smoking a Cigarette.


L’Opéra Garnier. Paris, France.


L’Opéra Garnier. Paris, France.

Sometimes the best takes are the outtakes. This is an outtake from lunchtime at the opéra. I was looking to take a straight up shot of the columns with a centred balcony [judging by this, i’ve clearly failed, hence the outtake]. Every time I tried to line up the shot, the little man on the balcony would stick his head over the edge and make a funny face when he thought I wasn’t looking. This time, i was able to catch him thinking about…whatever lovely French men think about on their smoke breaks.