Phew! I’m almost done! I spent the last two hours transferring all of my shows, etc from Mammoth Press, may it rest in peace, to here. All photos are tagged with my old MP watermark, so hey! I’m not stealing all of this work because it’s mine. I took all of these pictures and wrote all of these reviews.

I still have a lot of stuff to move still, but this is a good start. Please be patient with me while I set up home here. In the mean time, you can also find me over at MP’s new home, the 1st Five. It’s everything MP was…and more.

Also of note: I used to use this blog as a French music zine. All of those articles have been deleted. This will, however be both a French and English blog / music zine / etc etc etc. At the moment, I haven’t got the time and I can’t be arsed to translate everything into French.

Comments? Questions? Feel free to email me at: xnobodyxgirlx at yahoo dot com




Tout va être supprimé. Ce blog deviendra un musique / photo blog.

Everything will be deleted (soon). This blog will become a music / photo blog.