St. Paul’s Cathedral. London, England, UK.


St. Paul’s Cathedral. London, England, UK. 2012.

I remember taking this, which is strange, because I don’t always remember every frame that I take. I had downloaded a few of Rick Steves‘ walking podcast tour guided walk things of London and I had planned to use one for morning that I had planned to get out and do stuff [ex. the one that takes you past the Houses of Parliament for the morning that I had planned on going to see them and then explore from there.]. This day, I did two in one day and covered almost 15km on foot. I hd already been to the Tate Modern the day before, so I kind of had an idea where I was and where I was headed for the day. At any rate, this was about 2/3 of the way through the longer of the two podcasts. The good thing about the way that Mr. Steves [is it appropriate to call him Rick? I’ve used so many of his online resources, radio shows, and podcasts through out my trip planning that I feel like he’s my BFF] had structured this particular walk was that once you arrived at St Paul’s, he tells you to pause the recording and to look around or have a seat. I remember that this day , it was freezing in the sense that it was incredibly blustery which was making every alley like a wind tunnel. I popped into Paul’s Bakery for a coffee and a pain au chocolat to warm up before continuing my walk. And there it was, just at the tail end of magic hour, towering over the walls of the cathedral.

That’s how it happened.


Printworks. Manchester, England, UK.


Printworks. Manchester, England, UK. 2012.

Yeah, yeah yeah. I know. Printworks *rolls eyes* Those kind of people go there [unsupervised youths. There’s a lot of light pollution, but the thing that I love the most about Printworks is the fact that you can sit in the lawn by the Urbis or sit at one of the tables at a coffee shop or sit on one of the rock walls and people watch. A bonus? It’s right next to the Manchester Cathedral, which looks incredible uplit at night.

Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament. London, England, UK.


Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament. London, England, UK.

I love this spot in town. Between the Houses of Parliament, the tourists, the statues in the garden, the protestors, the MPs, and the clock tower, I’m fairly certain that I could spend all day, every day here and not be able to take the same photo twice. Plus, just a skip over the bridge and you have Tower Bridge and the London Eye right at your feet, and on a clear day, St. Peter’s Basilica.

Does anyone know what the Latin is at the base of the clock?

Près du Conseil d’État. Paris, France.


Près du Conseil d’État. Paris, France. 2012.

i’m fairly certain that if i were to have taken this métro station to get back to my hostel, i would have been taken down the rabbit hole into wonderland.

*pleased to note that this is not processed HDR. the colours were really that vibrant! when one earns to expose natural light for everything it can offer, one will be rewarded immeasurably 🙂