Les Jardins du Louvre. Paris, France.


Les Jardins du Louvre. Paris, France, 2012.

Because few things are better than sitting in the gardens, in front of the fountain, gazing up the Champs Elysées and watching the ducks quack at the tourists. and it being 23. in October. and not a cloud in the sky. no complaints from me. This is the first place i stop when i get into the city, depending on the time of day. Sometimes you just need to sit down for a minute and…absorb. There’s a place near Le Louvre that has the best sandwiches. Smoked haloumi, rocket, tomato on a toasty ciabatta with some tahini or hummus spread on for good measure. a sandwich and a nice bottle of Orangina will set you back right around 6€, and add 2€ for a newspaper and you’re in business.


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