La Sagrada Familia. Barcelona, Spain.


La Sagrada Familia. Barcelona, Spain, 2012.

I love Gaudí. He was a mad genius. In the hostel that I stayed in, I was fortunate to meet a man from Athens who was a bit of a Gaudí aficionado and we walked around Barcelona long before the tourists got in and overran the place. He explained the commonly held notions of that the artist’s thought processes were, why he did what he did, and how he will always be remembered as one of Catalunya’s favourite sons. While we were not able to make it to La Sagrada Familia together, I was able to make it on my own, armed with the information the he shared with me. Antoni Gaudí and my love for Barcelona will always be linked with my lovely new friend…proof that staying in hostels has its benefits and that those benefits outweigh any inconvenience that one could feasibly have.