Sir Matt Busby, Old Trafford. Manchester, England, UK.


Sir Matt Busby, Old Trafford. Manchester, UK, 2012.

Happiness will be going home to blue skies.


El Banco Español de Crédito, S.A. Madrid, Spain.


El Banco Español de Crédito, S.A. Madrid, Spain, 2012.

Sometimes, when we’re walking around a new city we’re so focused on the things that are on the ground that we forget to look up and take note of all the little details floating high over our heads. Taken during “magic hour”, the hour or so before dusk, the white and gold of the bank’s edifice really was able to pop against the blue of the sky.

Lord’s, Middlesex County Cricket Club. London, England, UK.


Lord’s Cricket Ground. London, UK, 2012.

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In honour of our 2-0 victory over the Aussies in the Ashes at Lord’s…a panorama of, well, Lord’s. This may be one of the most amazing grounds I have ever had the pleasure of visiting, football, cricket, or other. The dirt in the far right of the frame is where the wickets were being relaid. The archery section of the 2012 Olympics were held on the ground and as a result, the Middlesex County Cricket Club struck a deal with the Olympics committee: you may use our ground if and only if you re-lay the pitch and the wickets [which, more than likely, needed to be relaid anyway.]. The deal was struck and here we are. On the far right, the brick coloured building, is the main part of the grounds. Walking through the Long Room and realising the history that was made there was one of the highlights of my trip.

La Cathédrale de l’Almudena de Madrid. Madrid, Spain.


La Cathédrale de l’Almudena de Madrid. Madrid, 2012.

I forgot that I had taken this. I almost didn’t even go in because I was so stuck on going IN to the Palacio Real that I very nearly missed this. When I was walking around, I always made it a point to poke my head into anywhere that had an open door. My theory was that my Spanish was so bad that if they started yelling at me, I could always claim ignorance. Right? Right. Fortunately enough for me, I was dressed appropriately enough to go in for a small donation of one or two euro if you could spare it. I definitely wasn’t disappointed. There was so much natural light coming in that I had to exploit it.

Moral of today’s story: Always go through unlocked doors especially if there are signs that say, “Entrance this way.” and there are no tariff charts.