Thursday @ Starland Ballroom, 30 December 2010

Starland Ballroom, Sayreville NJ


You’ll never really know how much a record will affect your life when you first hear it. You never really know how much it does after you don’t listen to it for a while. When you do go back and revisit it, you realize how completely that record has become a part of your life. That’s how I’ve become with a little record called Full Collapse. I remember when Thursday jumped from Eyeball Records to Victory Records and everything that went along with that move. I remember being played the demos for that record and feeling something, knowing that they had something but not really being sure what it was. The record was preceded by the video for Understanding in a Car Crash. I can remember seeing that video for the first time and realizing that they were on the threshold of something huge. I guess I wasn’t really prepared for the impact that this record was going to have on “the scene.”

Thursday’s holiday shows are always a real treat. They always manage to pull out all the stops whether it be by playing rare songs, having special guests or having amazing opening acts. Tonight, we got a little bit of all three. It could have been very easy for them to phone in their set; after all, it was billed as “Full Collapse plus the hits.” Anyone who has ever seen them live knows that songs from Full Collapse are always present in their regular set. Everyone knows them and everyone loves them and every one always sings along. Thursday, however, don’t ever do things the easy way. Everyone thought that they knew what to expect, perhaps, but nobody was really prepared for what was about to happen. Sure they were playing their “big” record from cover to cover, but what did these guys have up their sleeves? Continue reading “Thursday @ Starland Ballroom, 30 December 2010”


glassJAw – 1.1.11 @ The Best Buy Theatre, New York City

Best Buy Theatre, New York City

*please keep in mind that all of these pictures were taken from the crowd and are not of the usual proshot variety.*


Best Buy Theatre, New York City
Capacity: 2100 (Sold Out)

I never know what’s going to happen at a glassJAw show. Truth be told, I don’t think anyone really ever does. Perhaps that’s part of the fun. Perhaps it’s what makes the shows as unpredictable as the band itself. Whatever the reason, it worked. We weren’t even made aware of the openers until two weeks before the show, and even then, we were only informed of one of them (Tidal Arms, Fran Mark from From Autumn To Ashes’ new band). In typical glassJAw fashion, the rumours about the show swirled around both the internet and the queue. Unfortunately, the most popular rumour (that Converge was added on the bill just days earlier) never came true.

In queue, we met people from all over the country and even one guy who came from Columbia for the show (he clarified, “the country, not the university.”). You would think that with the legions of devoted masses that listen to this band who were present, it would make for a very very good show. It did, and it didn’t; this will be discussed later, but first, a discussion on the band themselves.

By the time they took the stage, the stage itself was stripped down as far as possible. Outside of the instruments, there was nothing onstage. Perhaps this was a silent announcement that the band didn’t need fancy trappings to put on a good show. It is of my opinion that they chose to keep an empty stage because they were going to allow the music to speak for itself. Of the twenty two songs played, ten were new since the release of Worship and Tribute. Of those ten, they could be broken up as follows: three that have become live staples (You Think You’re John Fucking Lennon, Jesus Glue, Natural Born Farmer), one reworked song (Stars / Stars Above my Bed), one newish song (All Good Junkies Go To Heaven), and five brand new songs (Black Nurse, Please Don’t Let Me Down, Vanilla Poltergeist Snake, Miracles and Inches, A Song To Break Up To). With these tracks in mind, I feel as though it would be safe to assume that we the majority of the new album. Both Worship and Tribute and Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Silence contained twelve tracks, so I wouldn’t put it past them to road test an eleventh and twelfth song on their spring tour. Continue reading “glassJAw – 1.1.11 @ The Best Buy Theatre, New York City”

glassJAw – 1.1.11


You Think You’re John Fucking Lennon
Tip Your Bartender
Mu Empire
Ape Dos Mil
Stuck Pig
Pink Roses
Pretty Lush
Lovebites & Razorlines
Jesus Glue
Natural Born Farmer
All Good Junkies Go To Heaven
El Mark
Two Tabs Of Mescaline
Siberian Kiss
Black Nurse (New-ish)
Please Don’t Let Me Down (New)
Vanilla Poltergeist Snake (New)
Miracles and Inches (New)
A Song To Break Up To (New)