Chimaira @ Bogarts, 18 November 2007

Bogarts, Cincinnati, Ohio
18 November 2007

Three years ago plus a day.

I really love it when photo anniversaries come up. This was the first time that I ever shot Chimaira. It was on the Terror / Katalklysm tour at Bogarts. That was such a crazy night, but I made some amazing friends that night that I still talk to to this day. At any rate, I think that at some point before the 3am bus call, we ended up reenacting Mad Max and the Thumderdome. I ended up on top of the trailer. Why? I was the only girl there and they needed someone to play Tina Turner. Yeah….I don’t know either. When it comes to boys in bands and my friends who tour, I have learned one very valuable lesson: unless someone is bleeding / going to get arrested / lost / hurt / etc, then I shouldn’t worry about them because everything is going to work out in the end anyway. They’re going to get back on the bus and they’re going to go to the next date. I’ve also learned that screaming, “YOU GET DOWN FROM THERE RIGHT THIS INSTANT, YOUNG MAN. YOU ARE GOING TO HURT YOURSELF / DON’T HAVE INSURANCE TO COVER THAT / BREAK SOMTHING.” only generally encourages them.

Without further adieu…









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