lady danville & Ben Folds @ Bogarts part one.

so last night, i was hanging out with my boyfriend / bff Ben Folds last night at Bogarts, guests of the opening band, lady danville [two words, two links. 1st to their Facebook and 2nd to their youtube account.]. i’m completely in love with them. COMPLETELY AND UTTERLY. they are so goofy and adorable and they sing in three part harmony. it’s so funny…we were hanging out backstage and i said something about how i saw their facebook posting on how they needed place to stay last night (the 9th) and how i had just missed it when michael said “oh, we finally ended up figuring something out” so i told them the words that i love to hear “dude. you should have CALLED ME. next time you’re in town and you need anything…a place to crash, a shower, laundry done, breakfast / lunch / dinner / snacks / drinks / etc…CALL ME.” dan went from -_- (we had to figure something out) to O.O to 😀 when i told him that i was adopting them.

their set list was something to the effect of:

bed 42
ship song
the UKE song (below, though not from my show, obviously)

no particular order and i’m pretty sure i’m missing one, but i scribbled as fast as i could before i forgot it once they went off stage.


the Uke song aka I want you back. Michael (with the harmonica / ukelelelelele), Matt (centre, in plaid) and Dan on guitar. yeah so yeah. i’m kind of in love with them.


(yes, that requires caps lock and bold and yes it requires big font.)i don’t understand how a band THIS GOOD isn’t signed (well…i do now but that’s a moot point) or isn’t any bigger than they are. that’s right. they aren’t signed and they’re on tour with Ben Folds…you’ll find out why once i get the next part written and edited. it’s fate, really. these guys are going to be EVERYWHERE

i can’t really mention last night without having a little mention of Sir Ben. i guess i never really considered myself a fanfan of his, really, but he knows how to throw a party. he played for two and a half hours. among his regular set, he also played all of his hits including Chopsticks, Heart and Soul, and Hava Nagila. yes. Hava Nagila. there was an extremely intoxicated guy behind me who was shouting requests and…that’s what he got. Ben was all, “well it’s nice not to get freebird, but i can’t say that i’ve ever gotten chopsticks before!” near the end of his set, he was taking one last round of requests and a guy, John, managed to get his attention with “I can sing harmony to your Fred Jones!” please note that this is NOT the counting crows’ song. so Ben said, “ok! get up here!” the poor guy…he looked like he was going to PASS OUT. he looked absolutely petrified [you can see it in the video below. one would think that he used Ben’s piano not only to make ‘googly eyes’ but to prop himself up for fear of passing out.]. nerves be damned, he pulled out a great performance. his voice complimented Ben’s really well; it definitely reminded me of the version on the BF live cd with John from Cake. he sang mostly in thirds but threw in a fifth during verses for ‘effect’. Ben probably made that guy’s LIFE.

Moving on.

probably the biggest WTF moment of the night came when Ben anounced, “So we were looking for songs to cover the other night so I thought, ‘why not? Let’s just open iTunes and cover the #1 song right at this very moment’ and you know what? It was Sleazy by ke$ha, so that’s what we’re going to play. Or try to.”

uh. yeah.

i’ll have pictures, interviews, and a full write up here in the next two or three days or so, so please keep an eye out for them 🙂



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