Alkaline Trio @ the Newport Music Hall, 3 March 2010

Alkaline Trio
March 3, 2010
Newport Music Hall
Columbus Ohio

There’s lens flare, and then there’s…this. I don’t even know what this is, to be quite honest. At any rate, I’ll be posting the full photo set from this show in the coming days.

In other news…Yann Tiersen has a new webisode up for viewing on La Blogotheque here. It is absolutely brilliant.

I’m also super excited to announce that i’m shooting JOE SATRIANI at the Arnoff Centre on D-Day for the 1st Five. My friend Mike Keneally is on this tour playing keyboards (though i’d LOVE to see Mike and Satch go at it duelling guitar style. just sayin’.), and i haven’t seen him since…November of last year when i went to vegas to see Dethklok VIP style. Don’t know Joe?

post script: Sevendust ft Chino Moreno of Deftones – Bender. CHILLS.


Chimaira @ Bogarts, 18 November 2007

Bogarts, Cincinnati, Ohio
18 November 2007

Three years ago plus a day.

I really love it when photo anniversaries come up. This was the first time that I ever shot Chimaira. It was on the Terror / Katalklysm tour at Bogarts. That was such a crazy night, but I made some amazing friends that night that I still talk to to this day. At any rate, I think that at some point before the 3am bus call, we ended up reenacting Mad Max and the Thumderdome. I ended up on top of the trailer. Why? I was the only girl there and they needed someone to play Tina Turner. Yeah….I don’t know either. When it comes to boys in bands and my friends who tour, I have learned one very valuable lesson: unless someone is bleeding / going to get arrested / lost / hurt / etc, then I shouldn’t worry about them because everything is going to work out in the end anyway. They’re going to get back on the bus and they’re going to go to the next date. I’ve also learned that screaming, “YOU GET DOWN FROM THERE RIGHT THIS INSTANT, YOUNG MAN. YOU ARE GOING TO HURT YOURSELF / DON’T HAVE INSURANCE TO COVER THAT / BREAK SOMTHING.” only generally encourages them.

Without further adieu…

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lady danville @ Bogarts, 10 November 2010

lady danville
Bogarts, Cincinnati Ohio
10 November 2010

I think I’m in love. I don’t think that love is a strong enough word, but it’s true and so it goes. The scene is unassuming. The stage is full of various musical instruments, very little of which belongs to the opening band. There is a keyboard, a guitar, very little as far as a drum kit is concerned, and a cajón, a Peruvian box like percussion instrument. Continue reading “lady danville @ Bogarts, 10 November 2010”

lady danville Photo Rollout



this is going to be a slow photo roll out for my lady danville photo set from wednesday night. i should have all the photos done tonight and the review up tomorrow night. i’ll be editing this post as i go 🙂 the interview should be fully transcribed on sunday and posted over at the 1st five and everything should be linked together by the weekend. *phew*

geek stuff: canon rebel XTI, 50mm f/1.8 @ 1/30sec. no colour correction.

lady danville & Ben Folds @ Bogarts part one.

so last night, i was hanging out with my boyfriend / bff Ben Folds last night at Bogarts, guests of the opening band, lady danville [two words, two links. 1st to their Facebook and 2nd to their youtube account.]. i’m completely in love with them. COMPLETELY AND UTTERLY. they are so goofy and adorable and they sing in three part harmony. it’s so funny…we were hanging out backstage and i said something about how i saw their facebook posting on how they needed place to stay last night (the 9th) and how i had just missed it when michael said “oh, we finally ended up figuring something out” so i told them the words that i love to hear “dude. you should have CALLED ME. next time you’re in town and you need anything…a place to crash, a shower, laundry done, breakfast / lunch / dinner / snacks / drinks / etc…CALL ME.” dan went from -_- (we had to figure something out) to O.O to 😀 when i told him that i was adopting them.

their set list was something to the effect of:

bed 42
ship song
the UKE song (below, though not from my show, obviously)

no particular order and i’m pretty sure i’m missing one, but i scribbled as fast as i could before i forgot it once they went off stage.


the Uke song aka I want you back. Michael (with the harmonica / ukelelelelele), Matt (centre, in plaid) and Dan on guitar. yeah so yeah. i’m kind of in love with them.


(yes, that requires caps lock and bold and yes it requires big font.)i don’t understand how a band THIS GOOD isn’t signed (well…i do now but that’s a moot point) or isn’t any bigger than they are. that’s right. they aren’t signed and they’re on tour with Ben Folds…you’ll find out why once i get the next part written and edited. it’s fate, really. these guys are going to be EVERYWHERE

i can’t really mention last night without having a little mention of Sir Ben. i guess i never really considered myself a fanfan of his, really, but he knows how to throw a party. he played for two and a half hours. among his regular set, he also played all of his hits including Chopsticks, Heart and Soul, and Hava Nagila. yes. Hava Nagila. there was an extremely intoxicated guy behind me who was shouting requests and…that’s what he got. Ben was all, “well it’s nice not to get freebird, but i can’t say that i’ve ever gotten chopsticks before!” near the end of his set, he was taking one last round of requests and a guy, John, managed to get his attention with “I can sing harmony to your Fred Jones!” please note that this is NOT the counting crows’ song. so Ben said, “ok! get up here!” the poor guy…he looked like he was going to PASS OUT. he looked absolutely petrified [you can see it in the video below. one would think that he used Ben’s piano not only to make ‘googly eyes’ but to prop himself up for fear of passing out.]. nerves be damned, he pulled out a great performance. his voice complimented Ben’s really well; it definitely reminded me of the version on the BF live cd with John from Cake. he sang mostly in thirds but threw in a fifth during verses for ‘effect’. Ben probably made that guy’s LIFE.

Moving on.

probably the biggest WTF moment of the night came when Ben anounced, “So we were looking for songs to cover the other night so I thought, ‘why not? Let’s just open iTunes and cover the #1 song right at this very moment’ and you know what? It was Sleazy by ke$ha, so that’s what we’re going to play. Or try to.”

uh. yeah.

i’ll have pictures, interviews, and a full write up here in the next two or three days or so, so please keep an eye out for them 🙂


Saves the Day, Motion City Soundtrack, Say Anything – Bogarts, Cincinnati, 1 November 2010

Saves the Day
Motion City Soundtrack
Say Anything
1 November 2010
Cincinnati, Ohio

I consider myself extremely lucky. I really do. I have this little site and I have The 1st Five that let me do all of my music writing. I’m also extremely lucky having grown up in the scene that I did. I grew up just outside of Montauk, Long Island. Because of that, the tristate area is my home scene regardless of where I currently live. To be more specific…I am a proud product of the New Brunswick, New Jersey basement scene. I’ve met some pretty amazing people and some pretty amazing bands through my best friends. One of those bands is Saves the Day. I can remember the first time I saw them. They were at that basement show, Geoff’s new year’s eve basement show. Saves the Day lent some of their gear to the Thursdudes / This Side of Brightness so they could play their set. Chris couldn’t have been more than 15 or 16 at the time, even though he looked all of 12. I could go on forever about that night or how our paths should have crossed a million times before but never did, but that’s all another story for another day.

So. Here we are. Almost twelve years later, and I am fortunate to have had the opportunity to shoot the band FOR the band. I was thinking back on that tragic (dare I say it…awful?) show as I driving back to my house after the show. I came to realise something. Not much has changed. They still played with the same youthful energy that they had when they released Through Being Cool. They still looked like they were having a blast. Granted, the lineup is a little bit different, and Chris’ voice is stronger now, but it works. I still had that chill; that feeling that you get when you’re witnessing something really really great for the first time…that chill that I got the first time I saw them. It really is an amazing feeling.

I guess what I really want to say is thank you. Thank you for twelve really amazing, really strange, really great years. I doubt any of them will ever actually read this, but if you do…thank you.

Ps – I bet you can’t tell which ones are digital and which ones are film.


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Lady Danville – Sophie Roux

Je suis amoureuse de cette chanson. Les paroles, la mélodie, même la prononciation…adorable!

Je suis heureuse de les voir mercredi prochain 🙂

(I’m in love with this song. The words, the melody, the pronounciation…it’s so cute! I’m super excited to see them next wednesday 🙂 )

Lady Danville – Sophie Roux

Sometimes I wanna run and hide
I can’t even express what I’m feeling inside
You say my name and let me go
Gonna have to work with what I already know

Je m’appelle Sophie Roux, comment allez-vous?
Je m’appelle Sophie Roux comment allez-vous?

J’ai fais un voyage à Marseille
L’amour pour moi en France c’était comme une merveille
Elle fait un tour dans ma tête
La vie à Marseille n’est plus juste un arrêt

Je m’appelle Sophie Roux, comment allez-vous?
Je m’appelle Sophie Roux comment allez-vous?

Amour perdu à Marseille,
Histoire triste… ça je sais
Histoire triste… ça je sais

Je m’appelle Sophie Roux, comment allez-vous?
Je m’appelle Sophie Roux comment allez-vous?

Sophie Roux
Sophie Roux
Je suis là…